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Our Core Services

In a competitive world, Providing services is never a one-size-fits-all,band it shouldn’t be.
That's how we aim to make every project count with our 360º solutions

WhatV  Offer

Event Technology

We provide all type of technology solutions including event apps, virtual events, hybrid solutions, AR and VR, registrations and invitations system, and many more

Organising Conferences

We specialise in delivering exceptional, innovative and engaging conference productions from planning, designing, inviting, till the execution stage.

Organising Festivals

We organize all kind of festivals and events like entertainment, cultural events including Saudi National Day, Foundation day, etc, sporting, tourism events and many more

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Organizing Exhibitions and Booths

We provide exhibition solutions from scratch. We create registration websites, partnerships, sponsor booths, workshops till the production of the booth

Internal Office Events

We manage and plan and execute yearly events for the companies inclusive of holiday days, giveaways, new employee kit, year end party, organize meetings, etc.

Permanent and Temporary Construction

We construct offices, museums, experience center, shops, etc at the same time, handle the temporary construction for events like tents, domes, and many more.

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