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Seamless Events, ExtraordinaryV isuals

Immerse your Guests in Brilliance- Every Detail, at your Fingertips

You got a Visual, we bring them to reality! We offer a portfolio of the highest-quality event services. From conception to completion we produce creative events that deliver outstanding results every single time.THE Visuals is an Independent Full Service Event Agency based in Riyadh. We organize and manage corporate events, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, gala dinner, temporary construction, marketing and trade fairs across KSA and UAE. Imaginative and personalised programs for each and every event, efficiently and creatively, in the shortest possible time, with maximum flexibility and the highest level of personal commitment. Passionate about their client’s projects to discover and propose appropriate solutions.

WhatV  Offer

Event Technology

We provide all type of technology solutions including event apps, virtual events, hybrid solutions, AR and VR, registrations and invitations system, and many more

Organising Conferences

We specialise in delivering exceptional, innovative and engaging conference productions from planning, designing, inviting, till the execution stage.

Organising Festivals

We organize all kind of festivals and events like entertainment, cultural events including Saudi National Day, Foundation day, etc, sporting, tourism events and many more

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Organizing Exhibitions and Booths

We provide exhibition solutions from scratch. We create registration websites, partnerships, sponsor booths, workshops till the production of the booth

Internal Office Events

We manage and plan and execute yearly events for the companies inclusive of holiday days, giveaways, new employee kit, year end party, organize meetings, etc.

Permanent and Temporary Construction

We construct offices, museums, experience center, shops, etc at the same time, handle the temporary construction for events like tents, domes, and many more.

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Why Us? 

At The Visuals, we have always had a deep passion for organizing and planning, and we believe that every special event deserves to be stunning. With this philosophy in mind, we founded The Visuals in 2000, and have since gained numerous valuable connections with industry-leading experts and vendors.

We take up the responsibility of overseeing even the most minute detail necessary to perfectly balance the occasion with a little extra magic. Our events are completely customised, reflecting the personality of each unique client, whether we act on behalf of a client, a product, a company or a cause.


We facilitate the entire process by providing our one-stop event design and production services that encompass everything from initial concept development and presentation, to production, implementation and running the show with flawless, synchronised perfection.


We take away the guesswork and uncertainty out of event coordination and on-site management. We will oversee every aspect of your event; from the time our vendors begin their load-in, to the time the last person leaves, and we turn the venue back over to the owner.

Our Clients

Plug And Play
Royal Commission for AlUla


"The Visuals team is a true pleasure to work with. They are creative, efficient, and offer personalized event solutions that make any event stand out. I highly recommend them!"

Mostafa Ahmed

Plug and Play Tech Center

"I had the pleasure of working with The Visuals team on a corporate event, and their attention to detail was unparalleled. They made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. I would work with them again in a heartbeat!"

Avery Smith


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The Office, King Fahad Road, Al Mohammadiyyah Tatweer Towers, Riyadh

+966 54 696 5731

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